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Dog Boarding Boarding!

Depending on your dog’s needs, you will be able to select a dog boarding facility or a home that hosts doggie sleepovers!  That’s right – your dog can stay in a “real” home while you are on vacation!

Boarding facilities allow your dog to stay where he’s welcome!  He will receive more human attention than he would if left at home alone.  And, he will be safe and secure.  This is a good option for escape artists since kennels at a facility are well designed.

Cageless boarding allows your dog to receive individual loving attention while you are away from home.  Your dog will stay in a hosts home where he’ll roam freely and play with the host’s dog (most homes).  He will have access to the outdoors several times per day!  And, your host will be able to monitor your dog to spot health issues.  This is a good environment for puppies, elderly dogs, or dogs with special needs.

Locate dog boarding facilities and cageless dog boarding now!

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