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Pet Sitters

iStockpetsandparentYour pet remains home where she is safe and secure!

Pet sitters come to your home and care for your pets while you are at work or on vacation!  Your pets stay in their own environment where they are happy and safe.  They receive lots of love and individual attention and medications are administered on time.

Pet sitters offer morning, mid day, and evening pet visits in your home.  In addition, some pet sitters offer overnight pet care, home sitting, and dog walking services.

Sitters typically care for dogs, cats, birds, and fish.  However, many will care for small caged animals, exotics and farm animals.  Pet sitters care for pets with special needs, too!

Many sitters offer free services such as collecting the mail, watering plants, and rolling the garbage to curb.

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Some of our pet friends


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